Travel to Cuba with is a U.S. State Department approved "People-to-People" cultural exchange travel to Cuba program pursuant to US Treasury OFAC General Travel License 515.565(b). I take pride in making sure that each step of our journey is as socially conscious as possible, using 100% locally sourced private transportation, accommodation and dining establishments.

We cruise the backroads in a classic 1950 Chevy Clipper tourbus driven by it's owner and restoration mechanic. Every meal is taken in a family home, served with pride and the freshest farm-to-table ingredients available. My trips take trips to Cuba to another level

It's not quite camping, but this is not your mothers all-inclusive Caribbean holiday. These trips are strictly intended for spirited and experienced travelers with a wanderlust for out of the way people and places.


Travel to Cuba on unforgettable guided journey from the faded elegance of Cuba's capital cities, to the rural heart of an island nation. $1,870 per person (based on double occupancy) covers all costs on your trip including all accommodation, all meals and drinks, all ground transportation on the island, including airport pick-up and drop-off service. 

To our knowledge, we are the only tour offering trips to Cuba that are 100% locally sourced - private transportation & home stay accommodation. All of our meals are taken at private family owned restaurants. We also offer optional on-demand local translator/fixers to go with you if you decide to break from the group for a while. Travel to Cuba with

My 25 years of travel to Cuba as a photojournalist are tempered with my experience growing up as a first generation Cuban-American kid in Miami. My tours try to reflect that Cuban experience from both sides of the spectrum. My aim is to facilitate an experience, as authentic, as if you were visiting your own Cuban family on the island. These are "no bullshit" trips to Cuba -  see the island from a native perspective.  


We each have the opportunity to build a better future between these two great nations by fostering relationships built on mutual respect. Ethical travel has the ability to empower everyday Cubans who are embracing new economic reforms. The photos you bring back to family and friends in America will help open minds and hearts. We can all play a role in reconciling our mutual history - one family at a time. 

Please feel free to call write with any questions or suggestions,
Alfredo De Lara 
US +1 305 632 9426
CUBA +53 555 87 128