An alternative Caribbean family adventure with unparalleled teaching opportunities...

Cuba offers families traveling with younger children a fun and alternative destination in the Caribbean with unparalleled teaching possibilities. I have gone with kids as young as six years old and have had nothing but the best reviews from parents and children alike. It's fascinating to be a part of the family experience and hear the questions from young people when they see things being done so differently to how they are done at home. Kids provoke the most insightful conversations with their honest observations.    

- Alfredo de Lara,

My Ethics

My trips introduce you to the people and places that have shaped todays' Cuba and take you on an exploration to less visited parts of the island.

Traveling to Cuba during this moment of historic transition offers us a chance to make a  a positive impact. I strongly feel that ethical travel has the ability to empower everyday Cubans who are embracing the new economic reforms.

Here are some of the things I do to make sure we are not only complying with US restrictions on travel - but go well beyond that to enable intimate spaces for sharing personal stories over a home cooked meal


All of the homes we stay in are what is known in Cuba as "Casa Particulares". For all practical purposes, this unique Cuban Hybryd offers many of the same comforts and services of a boutique hotel, except in a private family home setting.

 I have personally chosen all of the homes and know the families. You can rest assured that all of our Casas are not only safe, clean and comfortable - but offer a personal touch of genuine Cuban hospitality that brings home the Cuban experience.   

I only use 100% privately run guide services for our day trips on horseback or snorkeling and provide them with training and leadership opportunities.

We will only dine at privately owned restaurants known as "Paladares" or in private homes. Even the snacks and fruit for the road are bought from private organic farmers cooperatives.

Our fully licensed and insured 7-person tour bus is privately owned and proudly driven by it's owner. 

I make sure you have a chance to purchase art directly from some of Cuba's most important contemporary artists and arrange private gallery visits.  

We travel in small groups of five or less. This ensures  that our presence doesn't overwhelm the natural state of the places we visit.  

I provide you with clear simultaneous translation so you can interact and exchange with locals in a more meaningful way. 


I strongly feel that each of us have the opportunity to build a better future between these two great nations by fostering relationships built on mutual respect. The photos you bring back to family and friends in America will help open minds and hearts. We can all play a role in reconciling our mutual history - one family at a time. 


Alfredo de Lara -